I like drawing cute/badass babes and weird creatures. if anyone is able to spare a couple bucks, it would mean the world to me.


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Posted by spicyfruitart - December 31st, 2022

just wanna start to thank you all for the support here on newgrounds 2022 i started posting art here on december 24 2021 cant believ its now a year since last i make my account here on newgrounds, you all really make my art journey incredible for me and i cant wait to post new art again on newgrounds, art have no end there will always be place for improvments, and you can never learn to do the perfect art that's why art is a fantastic thing millions of ways to improve and millions of different art styles around the globe, i will learn many things about art, and i hope you will join me.

feel free to try draw my oc in your own style, i love every fanmade of my oc faye, next year is January which mean it is going to be 5 years since i created my oc.

i started my art journey on social media in 2018 but did not have any experience in it just drew something and that was it, in the couple of month in 2018 i began to undestand art like how you should paint and what to do to get better, and then i created charaters, i created hundreds of charaters, in my life and many of them got forgotten, i lost every charater i created until i was down to one charater Faye she was the newest charater i created and since then i just kept moving forward with her, and giving her a new style testing different art style with her and yeah.

art is the thing you can do if you ever feel emotional in life, i use art every time i feel pain, suffering or depression or anger, beause i can just keep my mind to focus on a single thing, or i can draw everything i am thinking about in the sketchbook, just remember art is something about your decision you choose what you want to draw.

have a create 2023 everyone happy new year i cant wait to see you all on the other side.



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